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Sugar Land Real Estate Agent, Sheila Cox


“I’ll help you get the RIGHT house in the RIGHT neighborhood at the RIGHT price.”

I am an award-winning, Five-Star Sugar Land real estate agent who has lived in the Sugar Land area  for over 15 years. You will find me to be the professional, enthusiastic, service-oriented Realtor that you have always wanted…serving you before, during, and after the sale. I take my Fiduciary Duty very seriously and I will fight to get you the best deal possible, make sure your goals are achieved, and protect your interests to the best of my ability.

Sample House ReportNot only that, I provide the most extensive information available from a Realtor (view a sample house report) so that you can make the wisest real estate decisions. No other Realtor in the area will provide you with the amount of research and information that I will provide! 


About Sheila Cox

  • Winner of Five-Star Real Estate Agent six years in a row and featured in “Texas Monthly” magazine.
  • Five-star rating with HAR (based on client satisfaction). 
  • EcoBroker certified real estate agent.
  • Sugar Land relocation expert.
  • Business Degree (B.B.A.) with Major in Marketing.

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Sheila Cox has won the Five-Star Real Estate Agent award
for the past 5 years in a row because
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Who’s Looking Out for You?

Buying a home is not as easy as it looks! You need a local neighborhood expert to:

  • Help you sort through all the options to find the right neighborhood and schools.
  • Price a home correctly so you don’t pay too much.
  • Watch out for problem houses so you don’t end up with a money pit.
  • Uncover hidden taxes, fees, and other costs.
  • Help you WIN in a competitive, multi-offer offer situation.

Sheila Cox is dedicated to helping you buy the RIGHT house in the RIGHT neighborhood at the RIGHT price. One of the ways she does that is by providing in-depth research on a home that you decide to buy to provide you all the information you need to make a wise decision and to protect yourself from possible unknown hazards.

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No real estate agent
in the world does this!

“I could not say enough good things about Sheila. We have moved all over the world and her service and can do attitude is the BEST I have ever seen. She provides a complete service and really represents you to ensure all your needs are met. She is full of good ideas and pointing out other angles you might not have considered. For this move we were moving from abroad and everything went smoothly thanks to Sheila. We are more than happy to recommend Sheila to anyone. “


“Sheila was the best realtor we could have ever asked for. We could always depend on her to get the job done and she was always looking out for our best interests. I was going through the tragic loss of my mother during the sale and purchase of our home, and Sheila went above and beyond in ensuring that all was being taken care of and everything was moving along smoothly on BOTH ends. Where the other realtor failed during the process, Sheila jumped in to pick up the pieces and kept things moving along. She is dependable and trustworthy, and has great knowledge of the market and lenders. Her superb advice and expertise made the whole process, which could have been very stressful given the circumstances, move along as smoothly and possible. People like Sheila are few and far between, and we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with her.”


“Sheila is simply an outstanding realtor. She helped my wife and I sell our fourth and purchase our fifth house. Out of all the realtors, she is honestly the best! She treats the transaction as her own, provides you timely updates as changes occur. Her advice also saved us from costly pitfalls that could have ruined the sell and purchase of our new house. My advice: 1) Use Sheila as your realtor 2) Listen to her recommendations! She is an expert and provides outstanding advice. Sheila thank you for all of your hard work. You did an outstanding job!”


Sugar Land Relocation Guide


Free Sugar Land Relocation Guide

Get the inside-scoop!

Yes, this website has a lot of information, but even more information is located in the 170+ page Sugar Land Relocation Guide. Want to know if home values are trending up or down in a specific neighborhood? It’s in the guide. Want to see a list of the highest-scoring elementary schools? It’s in the guide. Want to know which schools are located in a specific part of Sugar Land? It’s in the guide. The guide contains information on home values and stats, real estate market stats, helpful phone numbers, school zone maps, and more…all in one place. 

A lot of this info is not available on this website or anywhere else!

Save yourself a lot of time and download the Sugar Land Relocation Guide today.


Here’s What You Need To Know…

Texas Laws on Buyer Representation

How Can I Make Sure My Agent is On My Side? In earlier articles, I explained two very important concepts that you need to understand before you buy real estate in Texas: brokerage services and how an intermediary agency works and how real estate sales commissions are paid. Another thing that is important for you to understand is that a real estate agent in Texas who uses the MLS is always, by default, looking out for the best interest of the Seller unless the Buyer (you) has a written Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement (Buyer’s Rep Agmt.) with the real estate agent. NOTE: View a sample of my Buyer’s Representation Agreement and please note Paragraph 17 on page 4. With a Buyer’s Rep Agrmt., you are considered to be a client. Without a Buyer’s Rep Agrmt., you are considered to be a customer. And as a customer, the advice that I can provide to you regarding houses is somewhat limited. This chart shows the difference… For more information about the benefits of having a Buyer’s Rep Agmt., please read As you can see, it is important that you establish yourself as a client to get full representation by your real estate agent. Having a Buyer’s Rep Agrmt. with me benefits you by protecting your confidentiality; allowing me to provide you with professional advice and opinions on prices; allowing me to negotiate based on your best interests; and giving you a partner who is loyal to you. And the Seller stills pays the real estate commission, even when you have a dedicated real estate agent. They agree to do that when... read more

Texas Real Estate Commissions

Who Pays the Real Estate Commission in Texas? One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is, “Who pays the sales commission in a real estate transaction?” That’s a good question! Here’s the answer… NOTE: I give a rebate if you both buy and sell a home with me within a 6-month period.   Typically, real estate sales commissions are paid at the closing table by the Seller (or builder). The title company disburses two checks out of the Seller’s proceeds from the sale: one to the Listing broker (such as a RE/MAX or Coldwell Banker) and one to the Buyer’s broker (in our case, Keller Williams Southwest). Then the Seller’s broker splits their sales commission with the Seller’s agent (also known as, the Listing Agent). And the Buyer’s broker splits their sales commission with the Buyer’s agent (Sheila Cox)–after deducting certain transaction costs, such as “Errors and Omissions Insurance.” Please note that practically all real estate agents are independent contractors…not employees of the broker. In fact, real estate agents are usually required to pay certain fees to their broker for the privilege to work at that brokerage. Plus all expenses, including gas and mileage for taking you on home tours, refreshments on tours, paper and ink for contracts, phone fees, computer fees, etc. are paid by the individual agent and are not reimbursed. So how do I earn the sales commission? I have a very detailed “To Do List for Buyer Clients” that has over 100 tasks that I may perform for you…and only one task is “Show properties until one is found.” So even if I show you... read more

Texas Laws on Brokerage Services & Dual Agency

Does My Real Estate Agent Represent Me or the Seller? When I bought my first house in the mid 1990s, Texas was kind of a “Buyer Beware” state. In fact, a home Buyer could spend weeks looking for a home with a real estate agent, telling her secret information (like how much you were willing to pay for a house), not knowing that everything you told that real estate agent would be told to the Seller because the real estate agent was actually representing the Seller–not you (the Buyer)! Here’s what you need to know… Unless you have a written agreement with a real estate agent, all Texas agents are always representing the Seller–typically known as the “subagent.” That is how agency works in Texas. This can be confusing for home Buyers, so the Texas Real Estate Commission wants you to know about brokerage services, who represents whom, and intermediary agency, BEFORE you start working with an agent...not only is it the law, it’s also for your protection! (Read TREC’s Information About Brokerage Services.) NOTE Finding out “your agent” is actually representing the Seller after you’ve found the house you want to buy is NOT a good thing! If an agent doesn’t give you the Information About Brokerage Services form UP FRONT (before showing you houses), then you are dealing with someone who is unprofessional and not following the law. Another fact that you need to know is that Texas is (kinda) a dual-agency state…although they call it “intermediary agency.” This means that a real estate broker (such as Keller Williams Southwest) can represent both the Buyer (you) and... read more

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent? Maybe I Can Do This Myself

 “That’s what I used to think! In fact, before I became a licensed real estate agent, I did several FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sales and THOUGHT I knew what I was doing. But if I had known then what I know now…I never would have risked it. Here’s what I’ve learned…” Your home is probably your largest single financial investment. Most homes today cost over $100,000. If you had a $100K legal problem would you try to handle it yourself or would you high a quality attorney to help you? Of course, not all attorneys are equal in skills, knowledge, integrity, experience–and neither are all real estate agents. In fact, most people have had at least one bad experience with a low-quality real estate agent. I know I have! As in any industry, please consider that it is possible the 80-20 rule applies to real estate agents…maybe 20 percent are not very highly qualified, but that would leave another 80 percent who are! (Just like in your line of work…do all your peers provide the same quality of expertise?) Always keep in mind that having a bad experience with one agent, doesn’t mean that all real estate agents are bad. The trick is finding and hiring the right, high-quality agent. Here are some things to consider… “According to the 2011 National Association of Realtors study on home buyers, 89 percent of home buyers say they would re-hire their last real estate agent to buy a new home. That’s a pretty high percentage of satisfied clients!” Real Estate Laws Vary From State to State Not all states have the same real... read more

What To Look for In a Texas Real Estate Agent

“If you’re not sure whether you need a real estate agent or not, please take a look at Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to help you decide.”   What To Look for In a Texas Real Estate Agent   Many of these items are specific to Texas agents. ___ Did your agent give you the “Information About Brokerage Services” notice that is legally required by the Texas Real Estate Commission before showing you houses? Can your agent effectively explain it? ___ Did your agent provide all the other necessary disclosures, notices, and the Buyer’s Representation Agreement to you before showing you houses? Be careful! You don’t want to find out after-the-fact that your agent actually represents the Seller. ___ Does your agent provide a detailed 18+ page house report on a home (see my sample), before you make the offer, to ensure that you know what you are buying before you make the purchase? This report should include information on the home’s price history, comparable sales numbers, school ratings, flood plain, tax info, environmental hazards (if any), near-by sex offenders (if any) at a minimum. ___ Can your agent effectively explain the HOA maintenance fees, MUD and LID taxes, compliance certificate requirements, amenities, property tax rates, school performance ratings, and other important information for the neighborhoods you are looking at? ___ Does your agent know how to provide you with an accurate CMA (price analysis) on a home before you make an offer? Is he or she committed to helping you get the right price or does the agent just want you to buy the highest priced home you can afford? ___ Does your agent point out possible defects of homes when you tour them... read more
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Sheila Cox RealtorAgent: Sheila Cox, Realtor

Broker: Keller Williams Southwest
1650 Highway 6, #350 (Map)
Sugar Land , TX 77478
Phone: (832) 779-2890

IMPORTANT: Please read Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding the new laws and procedures that lenders must follow. You should also read Information About Brokerage Services and the Consumer Protection Notice.

PRIVACY POLICY: It’s simple…I will not sell or share your info with third-parties. I don’t want to bug you…I’m here to help. I may email you useful Sugar Land-specific emails from time-to-time to help you, but you can easily unsubscribe from these emails at any time. I am a real estate agent and I may contact you ONLY IF you have requested me to do so via a Sugar Land Custom Home Search, a What’s My Sugar Land Home Worth, or one of my other free, no obligation services. If I am unavailable to meet your needs in a timely manner, I may ask you if I can have a respected colleague contact you instead.

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