Sugar Land Remodeling & Repair

Do you need a painter, handyman, plumber for a Sugar Land remodeling & repair job? Here’s a list of local vendors that you may need during your home purchase or sale. But remember…things change! Always check the Houston BBB (Better Business Bureau) before you hire a vendor. Sheila Cox does not endorse any of these vendors and does not have personal experience with all of them.

Also use Angie’s List for more vendors.

House Cleaners and Make Ready Companies

Karen’s Make Ready Service at 832-705-4410 (the best house cleaner ever!)

Exterior Home Cleaning
(Pressure Washing)
Mike Haver at 713-449-3887

Local Moving Companies

Navarre-Cajun Moving, Inc.
Phone: (281) 431-2819

OneSource Moving

One Movers Network
(713) 429-1375

Handyman Services

If you have sheetrock repair or painting work, call a painter instead of a handyman. Handmen install ceiling fans, light fixtures, faucets, and repair things like garbage disposals, toilets, attic stairs, doorbells, door knobs, etc. Some may install GFCI outlets.

Jesus Mora at 832-580-0966

Ron Rutherford at 281-844-6101

Carl Fitzgerald at 281-221-3660



What's My Sugar Land Home WorthYou can call the Handymen listed above for painting jobs or give these guys a call:

Angel at 832-443-6412 (the best!)

Mr. Goodpainters
Call Juan at 281-650-2771
BBB Rating


Don’t forget Whitehat Construction (below) for larger paint jobs!

Or go to the Better Business Bureau site for a list of area painters.

Contractors for Remodeling and Repairs

Whitehat Construction at 281-305-4558 (the best!)

Granite Counters

Jacob at 281-398-8282 Katy Tile

Jorge at  281-617-8579


Jacob at 281-398-8282 Katy Tile

Tile Work

Jacob at 281-398-8282 Katy Tile

Ecedro at  832-876-6613


Aspire Sales & Electrical Services

R S Electrical Services

Madaras Electrical

Retro Lighting & Conservation


Houston Restoration Services
John Sanders at (281) 850-4393


Howell Services (these guys are fantastic!)

Layne Plumbing

Structural Engineers

Houston Slab Foundations at 281-358-1121
R Michael Gray PE

BEC Engineering at 281-664-8441
Karl Breckon, P.E. (President) 

cta-home-search06Foundation Repairs

Here is a must read for Texas home buyers: Buyer’s Guide to Slab-On-Ground Foundations by R. Michael Gray, P.E. and Matthew T. Gray, EIT.

Olshan at 713-223-1900

Jericho at 713-772-7522 

Brick Restoration

JQ Brick Repair at 713-253-5092

Brick Restoration Inc. at 281-558-1828

Air Conditioning

Hartford Services at 281-261-3333
BBB Review

McDaris AC & Heating at (713) 777-5788

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

Leopold Sprinkers at 281-342-5900

Swimming Pool Service

Norris Pools

Marathon Pools
Reed’s Pool Service
Inspection = $275-350

Aquatic Pool Specialists
Inspection = $80

cta-hire-agent01Pest Control Service

Integrated Pest Management
1118 Highway 90-A Richmond, Texas 77406
(281) 341-1761

Yard/Lawn Service

Juan Hernandez at 832-767-7194  (extremely reliable!)

Window Treatments

Carol Cernsek at 281-723-1706

Joann Duffield at 281-265-8226

Pearl Design at  832-466-5455

Renee Harrison at 281-565-7887


Door Repairs

Carl Drake at 281-798-6760

Real Estate Attorneys

Brian Middleton
Middleton Law Firm PLLC  
Phone: (713) 680-3296

Franklin Holcomb
Franklin Holcomb Law Office  
Phone: (713) 236-7728

Gary Pate
Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom, LLP
Phone: (713) 632-1708

Estimating Remodeling Jobs

In addition, we have many great homes in the Sugar Land area, but some of them may need your personal touch. It’s difficult to estimate these costs ahead of time or to know who to hire. I can help by estimating costs and by recommending local contractors who provide good quality service at reasonable prices. Plus, since I have remodeled many homes myself, I can help answer questions that you may have and get you going in the right direction.

If the home inspector noted some repair that you will need to make after the sell, or if you know there are some remodeling items that you want to do to the home, then you can use this worksheet to estimate those costs.


Item Cost


Total Cost




Stove top or range






Wall oven



Built-in microwave



Vent hood



Kitchen counter top

$30-80/ linear foot


Kitchen sink/faucet



Kitchen cabinet hardware

$2-8 ea


Kitchen light fixtures



Master bath counter top/sinks

$30-80/ linear foot


Master bath Faucets



Master bath light fixtures



Master bath (other)

get estimate


Secondary baths: faucets



Secondary baths: light fixtures



Secondary baths: counters/sinks

$30-80/ linear foot


Secondary baths: cabinet hardware

$2-8 ea


Ceiling fans



Chandelier or other large light fixtures



Interior door knobs

$15 ea


Exterior door handles/locks

$100-200 ea


Repaint a small room (DIY)


1-2  x 


Repaint a large room (DIY)


2-3  x 


Replace carpet



Put in hardwood or tile floors

get estimate





Resurface swimming pool



HVAC System

get estimate


Radiant Barrier






If you are serious about Sugar Land…you need this information!

Sugar Land Real Estate Agent
Sugar Land Relocation Guide
Sugar Land Market Reports
Sugar Land Homes Search

How can you make the best decision without all of this information?

Prior Foundation Repairs

Prior Foundation Repairs

Will Prior Foundation Repairs Effect a Home’s Resale Value? In Texas, there is a saying that all houses here either have foundation repairs or will need them in the future. That’s because the soil in most parts of Texas is an “expansive soil” that significantly expands and contracts based on the level of moisture in it. And since Texas is known for either droughts or floods…our soil tends to expand and contract a lot. Here is a must read for Texas home buyers: Buyer’s Guide to Slab-On-Ground Foundations by R. Michael Gray, P.E. and Matthew T. Gray, EIT. That is why it is very important for homeowners to keep the soil around their home evenly watered. Water in the soil provides pressure to support the home. During a drought, the lack of moisture may cause a foundation to sag. Simply watering the soil can often push a slightly sagging foundation back up…no kidding! Does having a prior foundation repair on a home effect the resale value? That’s a controversial question with no “scientific” data to prove one opinion or another. Some say that as long as the repair is done by a reputable foundation company and has a transferable lifetime warranty…no problem. It may even be considered a positive feature of the home, since the cost of the repair has been covered by a prior owner. NOTE: If you need some brick or mortar repair in the Sugar Land area, contact JQ Brick at 713-253-5092…they do excellent work at very reasonable prices. These kinds of cracks do not necessarily mean there are foundation issues…bricks and mortar crack very easily....
Brick Repairs in Sugar Land Area

Brick Repairs in Sugar Land Area

Before a home owner puts a brick home on the market to sell in the Sugar Land TX area, a thorough inspection on the exterior of the home should be performed. All the walls should be checked for cracks along mortar lines and brick. The lintels above windows and doors should be checked for rust. Make sure that you look behind hard-to-see areas covered with bushes as well. These kinds of cracks do not necessarily mean there are foundation issues…bricks and mortar crack very easily. They do need to be resealed, however, with mortar (not caulk) to prevent water penetration into the side walls. Call JQ Brick at 713-253-5092.  If you find any cracked brick or mortar, or rusted lintels, requiring brick repairs, then call a brick restoration company to have them repaired before you put the house on the market.  If a potential home buyer sees these kinds of cracks, it may scare him away before he takes a serious look at the home. Or, if the cracks are found during an inspection, it can kill the deal. These brick repairs are relatively inexpensive (usually around $500 or less) and need to be done whether you sell or not…to prevent water penetration into the side walls. Cracks in bricks and mortar may indicate foundation issues, but they definitely do not mean that the foundation definitely has problems. I’ve seen homes with cracks running the entire length of the home that did not require foundation repairs even after inspections by several foundation repair companies. However, most home buyers are not foundation experts and automatically think there are foundation problems...
Sugar Land Home Security

Sugar Land Home Security

Sugar Land Home Security: Tips for Securing Your Home That Are Not Well Known Sugar Land TX is a fairly safe city and has even been named one of the safest cities in Texas from time to time (see Sugar Land Crime). But a while back I had the unfortunate experience of having my home burglarized. I thought my home was pretty safe: It’s in a low-crime neighborhood with active police patrols. I have an alarm which I always activate when I leave. I had good quality, double-key locks on all my doors. I have two, small, barky dogs. But in spite of all that, my front, side door (next to the garage, but on the front of the house) was kicked in at 2:25 p.m. on a school day…in the middle of the afternoon! I always thought break-ins happened at night! But here’s what I found out when I researched home security Sugar Land. Your Door Is Easy to Kick In When I researched how to prevent break-ins, I came across some interesting facts that I did not know. One of the best articles on home security  that I read was “Home Security: Burglary Prevention Advice” by Chris E McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM at That article points out: “The most common way used to force entry through a door with a wooden jamb is to simply kick it open. The weakest point is almost always the lock strike plate that holds the latch or lock bolt in place followed by a glass paneled door. The average door strike plate is secured only by the soft-wood doorjamb molding. These lightweight moldings are often tacked on to the door frame...

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