Checklist of Steps for Buying a Home

This list is not comprehensive. There are a lot of steps that your REALTOR® takes care of behind-the-scenes.

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Action Item



Unless you have cash to buy a home, contact three or four lenders to determine how much house you can afford and get rate quotes.



Determine how much money you will need to purchase a new home. Do you have enough? If not, create a budgetand start saving now.



Get approved for a loan. Don’t forget the approval letter! We will need to submit it with an offer to buy a house…Sugar Land sellers will not typically accept an offer without a strong approval letter from a reputable (preferably a local lender).



Hire a Sugar Land real estate expert to help you with your purchase. You need a professional looking out for your best interest!



Do you need to sell your current home? Your Sugar Land real estate expert can help you with that too (and may offer a discount if you both buy and sell).



View homes that meet your specific needs.



Choose the right home for your needs.



Sign the legal paperwork and make an offer to buy the house that you chose. Be prepared to write two checks (which will be cashed): 1% earnest money to Title Company and $200-300 option fee to the Seller.



After the purchase offer is accepted, hire home and termite inspectors to check the home. This will cost $300 to $500.



Negotiate repairs to home as needed.

NOTE: If you are using an FHA loan, have all “conducive” termite conditions resolved to prevent loan problems.



Decide whether or not to exercise your Option. If you decide to continue with the purchase, the go to next step. Otherwise, return to viewing homes that meet your needs.



Tell lender to order the appraisal. Be prepared to pay an appraisal fee (approximately $400)…or it may be rolled into Closing costs.



Turn-in items for your loan application (W2s, tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, etc) to lender as quickly as possible. Be prepared for a hassle! The lending process is very stringent these days.



Check your Title Commitment when you receive it…especially Schedule C. You typically have 5 days to “object in writing.”


Will both buyers be at the Closing? If not, order a Power of Attorney with your lender…it has to be approved by lender and title company ahead of time.


Obtain home owner’s hazard insurance. Make sure you get at least three quotes because rates can vary drastically. They will want the age of roof, your birthdates, current address, and more.



Make sure the survey is ordered in a timely manner, unless it is provided by the Seller. NOTE: Know the 10 Common Pitfalls to Closing on Your Home.



Make sure the HOA compliance inspection and resale certificate are ordered in a timely manner (if applicable).


Select your residential service contract (“home warranty”).



Make sure all negotiated repairs are made in a timely manner.


Plan your move and order your utilities to be turned on the day you Close.



Make sure your Closing is scheduled with the Title Company.


Do your final walk-through the day before/of Closing.



Go to the settlement Closing. Each person signing (husband and wife) will need a photo ID and a cashier’s check or wiring instructions.



Move into your new home and enjoy!



Check out these tips for decorating, remodeling, and updating your new home.



Make sure you receive a copy of your Deed (from the Title company) within a couple of weeks after Closing.




Real estate agents don’t “just” sell houses; we sell a SERVICE to guide home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate transaction, which usually takes several months. We are more like real estate consultants than we are salespeople. That’s probably why 86 percent of all home buyers and sellers choose to hire a real estate agent when buying or selling a home!

Buying or selling a home is not like buying or selling a TV, a computer, or a car. You can’t buy/sell a home in one day…even if the buyer is paying cash. There are MANY legal aspects, deadlines, and requirements that most people are not trained to handle. What’s more…mistakes along the way can cost you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The financial risk is much greater than just about anything else you may buy.

That’s why you need your own dedicated, experienced real estate agent
looking out for YOUR best interests.

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sheila cox five star realtor5Candid Advice—I promise to give you candid advice on all homes and areas so you can make the best decisions. I won’t ignore potential defects that can cost you money, or effect your resale value, in the future…I point them out to you! My job is to protect you from defective homes as much as possible while helping you make a sound financial investment. (Read client testimonials)

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Easier Process—Moving your family (and possibly changing jobs) is stressful enough. I’m your transaction manager and will guide you, step-by-step, through the process so you never miss an important deadline. I assist with inspections, repair negotiations, home warranties, HOA compliance inspections, hazard insurance, surveys, appraisals, title commitment, home warranties, title company, and more. (Get Details of My Value-Added Services)


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